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From 1997, Ottawa Canada based OIFII.ORG (OVB-COM  aka Offworld Virtual Being designer, developer and distributor) was a computer graphics open source software and onsite work force provider for military contractor ISERA GROUP INC in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

From 1999, Santa Barbara USA based NakedSoftware.ORG (NSI-ORG, aka Natural Social Intelligence – SB, CA, USA) was a computer graphics open source software provider for the 3 military recruits schools in the USA (Army, Navy and Air Force) as well as for American Emergency Response (AMR) company.

From 2010 to 2017, it was possible to download Montreal Canada based NakedSoftware.ORG  audio_spi, video_spi, texto_spi and geo_spi software apps as open source code from our website. + + + = + + = + + =

In 2018, this complete source code is now for sale for a quarter of a million by DocteurOrdinateur.ORG at

Like Vorotrans.ORG, NakedSoftware.ORG and DJ-OIFII, become an audio visual Vorotrans Art producer by buying this 200+ software apps source code bundle.

See the Vorotrans Art manifesto on our mother organization HumanAware.ORG.

Since 1980, during a power outage from Hydro-Quebec, the vision of the Sound Operating System (SOS) remains. To produce audio and video in real-time to create artworks. In 2019, our entities with use digital art production to fuel smart contracts so CPUs, GPUs, VPUs and QPUs stay busy.

Nowadays, 40 years later, open source everything becomes possible with the block chains (international and public decentralized databases).

Artificial Intelligence greatly helps for producing audio, video and texto but we need you, humans, to revise it all before calling it Art and publishing it as Vorotrans Artworks.

For 2020, stay tuned, the new Sound Operating System (SOS) is coming!

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