In 2022, OIFII-ORG open to help the governments of Canada and Quebec to prevent individuals’ public privacy violations



OIFII-ORG software to enable governments to fully protect individuals from privacy violations that constantly occur, at local, regional, and global scales, on and off the web including on peer-to-peer networks.

OIFII-ORG uses HA-ORG to extract, fetch, and publish V-ORG edge networks’ and interpretation networks’ subsets into strings of numbered NFTs on one or more live blockchains. NFTs’ P2P smart contracts may include or not rights to OIFII-ORG’s generative art open-source software code as well as rights to V-ORG’s digital content. HA-ORG’s focus is not only on helping a large number of geopolitical administrations to prevent individuals’ public privacy violations but resides rather very much on heavily creating digital art content to enable individuals to self-manage both their local privacy everywhere and their global identity while being on most networks by providing no-nonsense zero-trust security open-source software and online services.


In 2022, OIFII-ORG founder, Poirier, is founding SPI CORP to facilitate the transfer of open-source software, virtual machines, pre-configured servers, computer hard disks with bare metal installs with or without the whole gear, computer cloud accounts, etc. Know that while you can get tens of thousands of digital images per prepaid 100$ CAD from SPI CORP’s set of online ORGs mentioned here above. The prepaid price tag for SPI CORP’s digital products transfers starts from 100K CAD and up and will typically make you commit to half a million CAD to get Poirier, yes SPI himself, for 1-year as a consultant for ensuring the proper product transfer and secure its operation ability on your end. It is the only way to go if you need to keep the greater number of local and international systems around you in a zero-knowledge state with respect to your communications, networks, affiliations, contacts, data, etc.

True democratization. Technology transfer. No-nonsense zero-trust security.

OIFII in 2021

In 2021, I, SPI, OIFII-ORG founder, am in the business of enabling 99% of the population, one individual at a time, to automatically produce artistic content (music, visual, and texts) and be all ready and fully configured for selling these artworks (ready WordPress websites, key web application service provider free accounts creation).

It is a non-profit, for a very low-cost, individuals can be enabled (artist and non-artist).

In 2021, governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to buy, at any time, my cloud accounts (basically to buy me out, everyone has a price, right?).

Accounts ownership and keys will be available for purchase on SPI.RUN web site (backup server accounts for source code and documents snapshots and/or licenses and/or full ownership and copyright transfers. yes, even the live google and intel, and amazon cloud accounts ownership transfer will have a price and will be available provided a bank transfer and/or secured crypto transfers for investors and entities wishing to stay confidential).

OIFII 2020

Hi everyone!

New OIFII App and OIFII Library has been released
this past July 2020.

OIFII is not only used in Forest Applications, but
it is heavily used to generate fine art as well as
cutting edge automatically generated GUI.

OIFII now builds for VS 2010, VS 2013, VS 2017, VS 2019
and runs under all versions of MS Windows (Windows XP to
Windows 10).


Canadian prime boxer did not execute HA-ORG massive tree planting plan so far but he’s got Transparent SPI’s vote today!

In reference to my previous blog post

I voted for Justin’s team today even if I consider the NDP and the Green Party of Canada should be empowered.

In the waiting for our Canadian prime boxer to use the military to massively plant trees, let’s hope other organizations take care of business.

Référence en version française et article du Journal de Montreal.

Open Source Downloads


While OIFII-ORG source code powers SPI CORP online SaaS to be soon released on SPI’s website at, 2017-2022 OIFII-ORG source code is ready to be transferred from DO-ORG website by OIFII-ORG’s founder, SPI, at


From 1997, Ottawa Canada based OIFII.ORG (OVB-COM  aka Offworld Virtual Being designer, developer and distributor) was a computer graphics open source software and onsite work force provider for military contractor ISERA GROUP INC in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

From 1999, Santa Barbara USA based NakedSoftware.ORG (NSI-ORG, aka Natural Social Intelligence – SB, CA, USA) was a computer graphics open source software provider for the 3 military recruits schools in the USA (Army, Navy and Air Force) as well as for American Emergency Response (AMR) company.

From 2010 to 2017, it was possible to download Montreal Canada based NakedSoftware.ORG (NS-ORG, MTL, QC, CANADA) AUDIOSPI, VIDEOSPI, TEXTOSPI, and GEOSPI open-source software applications from our websites. You may still be able to find some pre-2017 open-source code online.

In 2022, this complete source code is now for sale for a quarter of a million (friendly canadian dollar) by OIFII-ORG’s founder, SPI, on

From mid-2022, use the software as a service from SPI CORP website at (First in 2022, AUDIOSPI Apps, VIDEOSPI Apps, TEXTOSPI Apps, and later in 2022 and 2023 GEOSPI Apps all under website).

Artificial Intelligence greatly helps for producing audio, video, text, and geographic digital content. We need you to revise it all before delivering it and optionally publishing it.

OIFII 2017 to be released sometime in 2018!

Offworld Intelligent Forest Image Interpreter (OIFII) development started with a Ph.D. project in Geomatics at the Centre de Recherche en Géomatique at Laval University in 1994 but the Ph.D. project was abandoned in 1997, 20 years ago.

In 1995, I had secure the trademark Offworld Virtual Being (OVB) to commercially denominate the core Artificial Intelligence software components of the OIFII applications. The 5 years R&D project to develop OIFII.ORG’s OVB was named the Offworld Artificial Intelligence Environment (OAIE) and was successfully accepted as a Canadian SR&ED project but was very difficult to fund in Canada at the time. OIFII.ORG’s founder had to go down in California and develop software for the military schools as well as for AMR California (through USA defense contractor ISERA GROUP INC.) in order to inject capital into Canadian based Offworld Technologies Corporation (now days OIFII.ORG). In order to fully comply with USA’s IRS regulations, I had to create for-profit NakedSoftware Inc (Santa Barbara, California, now days NakedSoftware.ORG) in 1999 for the operations during one fiscal year and to create non-profit Human Aware Corporation (Santa Barbara, California, now days HumanAware.ORG) in 2000 for the operations during one fiscal year.

Projects OIFII, OVB and OAIE were interrupted on September 11, 2001.

The project was too “forward thinking” to be financed by governments and forest industries at that time. Now days, with the forest cover being scanned with Lidar, Deep Learning software and expertise as well as Big Data analysis techniques availability, the same project can be financed because it is very likely to improve sustainable forest industries operations as well as help governments in creating forest maps. There is a possibility for the development to start again in fall 2018.

Here are a few research document scans describing former SR&ED project:

Fall 2017, the OIFII.ORG software technology is used by HumanAware.ORG to create digital Vorotrans Art (VOROTRANS.ORG) in order to finance OIFII.ORG artificial intelligence software development projects in 2018 and 2019. The OVB will be developed using Google Brain TensorFlow C++ API and OIFIILIB.