OIFII in 2021

In 2021, I, SPI, OIFII-ORG founder, am in the business of enabling 99% of the population, one individual at a time, to automatically produce artistic content (music, visual, and texts) and be all ready and fully configured for selling these artworks (ready WordPress websites, key web application service provider free accounts creation).

It is a non-profit, for a very low-cost, individuals can be enabled (artist and non-artist).

In 2021, governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to buy, at any time, my cloud accounts (basically to buy me out, everyone has a price, right?).

Accounts ownership and keys will be available for purchase on SPI.RUN web site (backup server accounts for source code and documents snapshots and/or licenses and/or full ownership and copyright transfers. yes, even the live google and intel, and amazon cloud accounts ownership transfer will have a price and will be available provided a bank transfer and/or secured crypto transfers for investors and entities wishing to stay confidential).